The Team

Paul Fettis

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Fettis

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Paul Fettis is a qualified Advanced Life Support Critical Care Paramedic registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and has been active in the Emergency Medical Services field for 18 years. Having worked in many remote countries across the globe, Paul has many autonomous hours as a flight paramedic, industrial paramedic and is now actively involved in the ambulance service in Australia.

As the Director and Chief Executive Officer of EmergencySA PTY (Ltd) since its inception in 2011, Paul has invested copious amounts of time and effort in establishing a working relationship between paramedics from across the globe.

Paul is in the process of completing his Master’s Degree in Paramedicine at a prestigious university in Australia and also holds Director status at an unlisted small business enterprise based in Australia.

Qinton van den Berg

Chief Operating Officer

Quinton van den Berg

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Quinton van den Berg is a qualified Advanced Life Support Paramedic registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa with extensive experience in successfully conducting and managing various emergency situations both locally and abroad. Active in the field of Emergency Medical Services for over 17 years with a wide range of disciplines within the medical fraternity including aeromedicine, training and international medical exposure from countries across the globe. Quinton has been involved in training and mentorship programs at leading medical colleges and is proficient in lead support roles.

Quinton has a solid background in current medical practices and guidelines including Advanced Cardiac Life Support and International Trauma Life Support.

As Director and Chief Operating Officer of EmergencySA PTY (Ltd) since its inception in 2011, Quinton has been instrumental in developing EmergencySA’s infrastructure and operating capabilities

robert Martin

Safety and Security Consultant

Robert Martin

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Robert Martin is a highly skilled expert with a vast background encompassing every facet of Law Enforcement.  He has enjoyed international acclaim through exposure with the SWAT Team in Seattle, USA and has also trained with the South African Police Special Task Force unit.  With over 21 years’ experience in his field, he is currently one of South Africa’s most sought after Firearms and Tactical Instructors due to his expertise in night shooting, handgun, shotgun, rifle and self-loading rifles.

His portfolio includes proficiency in Close Contact, High Risk Vehicle Stops and Attacks, Anti Hi-jacking, Hostage Rescue, House Entry with Hostages and Anti Ambush.  Robert has been appointed as the Lead Safety and Protection Consultant and Occupational Health and Safety Advisor for Emergency SA PTY (Ltd).