Placement Info

Our placements and programs are tailored to achieve the best outcome that will benefit your career choice and level of experience you require. Currently our programs run for between 10 days to 4weeks in duration, however we will accommodate any length of stay you wish. As our core focus is on emergency medicine and front line response vehicles, students will experience time on our fleet of primary response vehicles under the auspices of a paramedic, doctor or close protection officer. At no time are the students left unattended. During the program, valuable time will be set aside for shifts at clinics, hospitals or specialist units of your choice.

257_19649692059_3004_nThe experiences you will have on your overseas elective placements are likely to be vastly different from anything you are used to in your domestic clinics, fire stations, ambulance service and hospitals. South African medical facilities are greatly under-resourced and it’s no exaggeration to say that you may find yourself working with equipment – and in conditions – which really test your skills, abilities and emotions. In such areas you are likely to see a number of diseases and conditions that you are simply not used to back home. In addition to this you will generally find that all pathologies are in more advanced stages, as patients often tend to present much later than they do in wealthier countries.

Since our inception, we have established great working relationships with many ambulance services, hospitals and doctors. This means that you will be able to choose from many hospital departments and areas of medical specialty for your hospital placement.

Our most popular placements are in the ER, obstetrics & gynaecology, front line response and theatre. However we can arrange placements in other specialties if you wish, such as tropical medicine, HIV/AIDS, neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, surgery or family medicine. All our elective students are allocated a supervisor/preceptor who will be their main point of contact. We ensure that this person is a senior member of the department that you are working in, and that they understand what you expect from your placement and what qualifications you hold so they know what to expect from you. On completion of this unique once in a lifetime opportunity, we hope to achieve your desired expectations and outcomes